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Issues and Advocacy

Staying ahead of issues that matter to Canadians

Advocating for the insurance industry and the people who count on it.

As the world changes at an ever-increasing speed, we’re staying ahead of the issues that impact the lives of Canadians — and the insurance industry. From advocating for enhanced climate change adaptation efforts to promoting better and fairer auto insurance systems, we’re working with government and industry experts to make sure we’re all prepared for whatever the future brings.

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End Auto Theft

Ending it requires a whole-of-society effort. Canada is facing an auto theft crisis as tens of thousands of vehicles are stolen across the country each year. Insurers have taken proactive steps to protect their customers, but there’s more to do. Learn more about how, by working with governments and other key stakeholders, we can solve this crisis.

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Commercial Insurance

There are approximately 1.3 million businesses in Canada. All have one thing in common: Without adequate insurance coverage, each could be wiped out by a disaster or significant lawsuit.

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Auto Insurance

We believe Canadians deserve affordable auto insurance with more choice and better care for those injured in a collision. That’s why we’re advocating for reforms that will modernize private auto insurance systems and products across the country with the goal of providing consumers with access to enhanced product choices and affordable premiums.

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We’re committed to working with regulators to understand the issues they’re trying to solve, and to making meaningful contributions to help them solve those issues.

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Climate change is a threat to our shared future, and it’s having a serious and growing impact on our safety and our communities today. More and bigger floods, wildfires, hailstorms, and windstorms – influenced by our changing climate – are costing billions and putting people and property at risk.

We are advocating for stronger resilience measures to adapt to climate change, to mitigate its risks and to protect Canadians, their families, and their property.

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