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Whether at home, at work or at play, we've put together a few tips to help you safely navigate the warmer months.

Be vacation ready

Counting down the days to your summer getaway (even if you’re staying close by)? Keep these tips in mind to help protect your property before you leave:

  • Ask a trusted neighbour or friend to collect your mail and newspapers

  • Consider light switch timers, especially multiple timers on a random setting, to make it appear as though someone’s home

  • Install a home security system and outdoor motion detectors may deter burglars from targeting your home

  • Don't announce your vacation plans in emails or on social networking sites

Protect guests on your property

Whether you own or lease your home, you have a responsibility to make sure others on your property are safe from preventable hazards. Understanding what liabilities exist helps you minimize your risks and prevent accidents.

Be safe when school’s out

With school out of session, you might notice more bikes and pedestrians on the roads. Are you paying attention? Follow these tips to help avoid distractions while driving:

  • Pull over to use your phone or other electronic device

  • Prepare your playlist before you hit the road

  • If something falls, leave it

  • Adjust your seating and climate controls before hitting the road

  • Set your GPS prior to departure