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How Insurance Works

What you need to know to help protect your most-valuable assets.

Understand the basics

We're here to help you understand how insurance works, so you get the coverage you need before you need it.

  • Know your policy
  • How to file a claim
  • Code of Consumer Rights and Responsibilities
  • Find the insurance that fits your needs
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Know your policy

A car collision, a basement damaged by water or a business interrupted by vandalism are risks that many of us face each day. Understand how your insurance will respond before something unexpected happens.

  • 35%

    Small and medium-sized business employees who report receiving mandatory cyber security awareness training.

  • $42B

    Claims paid out by Canadian insurance companies in 2022. See what other facts are shaping the insurance industry.

  • 64+

    Insurance companies across Canada are ready to help you protect yourself and your property from unexpected events. Discover how to find the insurance that fits your needs

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What to do when severe weather strikes

Are you prepared to respond to a windstorm, flood or fire? We’ve collected all the information you need in one place to help you prevent, prepare for and respond to severe weather emergencies.