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Hail Protection

Intense hailstorms are becoming more frequent and can cause significant damage. Take action to help prevent damage to your home, car and business.

Prevent hail damage

When thunderstorms – which can include hail – are in the forecast, follow these precautions to help protect your home and property from hail damage:

  • Park your vehicle in a covered area

  • Clear your eavestroughs of debris to ensure proper drainage

  • Cover outdoor items like barbecues and patio furniture or store them indoors

Longer-term hail protection tips:

  • Use window safety films to help prevent glass from shattering

  • Consider installing impact-resistant storm shutters for windows, skylights and doors

  • Install a self-adhering waterproofing underlayment when re-roofing and consider using Class 4 impact-resistant roofing when completing upgrades or repairs

Did you know?

From June until September, it’s hail season in Alberta and the Prairies.

The Calgary hailstorm on June 13, 2020 resulted in approximately 70,000 claims and over $1.3 billion in insured damages. The majority of the insured damage was to homes and vehicles, with a smaller percentage to commercial property. It was the costliest hailstorm in Canadian history and the fourth costliest natural disaster of all time.

Stay safe during a hailstorm

Be ready for hail before it hits. Here are simple actions you can take to keep yourself and your family safe:

  • seek shelter in a safe, secure building

  • stay away from windows, doors and skylights

  • if you’re driving, find a place to safely pull off roadways and protect yourself from shattered glass by facing away from all windows

  • if you’re caught outdoors with no immediately accessible shelter, crouch down, face away from the wind and protect your head and neck with your hands

  • watch for flooded areas – excessive hail combined with heavy rain can plug storm drains and create localized flooding

  • stay away from trees, towers, metal fences or poles to avoid injury from lightning

Be HailSmartTM – protect your home, cars and business

Hailstorms and other natural disasters are increasing in frequency and severity. Visit HailSmartTM for more tips on keeping your home and business protected from hail damage.