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VIN Verify

Great deal on a car? Make sure you know its history.

What’s VIN Verify and how does it help?

Fraudsters often sell NON-REPAIRABLE (also known as IRREPARABLE) vehicles to unsuspecting consumers for a profit. Vehicles with a NON-REPAIRABLE brand assigned by a provincial ministry of transportation can never be registered for operation on any Canadian road.

A vehicle can be branded NON-REPAIRABLE for a variety of reasons such as, but not limited to, FLOOD, FIRE, or COLLISION.

Why is a FLOOD vehicle branded NON-REPAIRABLE?

Any vehicle that has been subjected to flooding to the level of the bottom of the dash must be branded as non-repairable. With water damaged electronic components, potential mould and other issues, flood vehicles are unsafe and can no longer be operated on any Canadian road. Every Canadian jurisdiction follows this same guideline.

Use our free VIN Verify service to check whether a vehicle has been reported as non-repairable in Alberta, Ontario and Atlantic Provinces.

Check a VIN in 4 easy steps

  1. Obtain the vehicle identification number (VIN).

  2. Enter the VIN.

  3. Agree to and accept the terms and conditions of use.

  4. Submit and search the VIN Verify database.

Due to recent natural disasters, some vehicles which have been reported as “Non-repairable” may not appear on this website right away. Please check back periodically to review the VIN number of concern.

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