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Mandatory auto insurance requirements

From British Columbia to Nunavut and Prince Edward Island, every province and territory has unique mandatory auto insurance coverage requirements. Make sure you understand what coverage you need to drive your car wherever you are.

Know what you’re responsible for in each province

Auto coverage provides protection for personal injury and property damage. Across Canada, the minimum coverage you are required by law to purchase is also referred to as mandatory coverage. Where and how you can purchase auto insurance coverage is set out by provinces and territories. For example:

  • In Alberta, Ontario, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Newfoundland, Northwest Territories, Nunavut, Prince Edward Island and Yukon you can buy from a private insurer.

  • In British Columbia, Manitoba and Saskatchewan, you must buy mandatory minimum coverage from the government insurer, and can purchase optional coverages from private insurers.

  • In Québec, you must buy bodily injury coverage from the government insurer and property damage coverage from a private insurer.

The following general information is provided for educational purposes only and is subject to change. It’s important to refer to provincial and territorial government and regulator resources for specifics about current mandatory auto insurance requirements.

Some helpful government sources are listed below for your reference.

We recommend you consult with a local qualified insurance representative for up-to-date information.

Working with an insurance representative who understands your auto insurance requirements can help you choose the best coverage for your vehicle.”