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Do I need insurance for my seasonal vehicle?

Nov 22, 2023 | By: Anne Marie Thomas, Director, Consumer and Industry Relations, IBC
Do I need insurance for my seasonal vehicle?

This is a question we get asked all the time. And, it’s a good one.

There are a few considerations when thinking about insurance for your seasonal and/or off-road vehicles.

For seasonal vehicles, like snowmobiles used in the winter, classic cars in the summer, RVs stored for a few months throughout the year, you should consider having comprehensive insurance coverage year-round. This type of coverage protects your seasonal vehicle against risks like theft, fire, vandalism, wind and other types of damage while it is in storage.

When your seasonal and/or off-road vehicle is in use, it needs to have mandatory auto insurance coverage, which is set out by the government in your province/territory. Depending on where you live, this typically includes coverage for third-party liability, direct compensation property damage (DCPD) & accident benefits. You can also opt for additional coverages available for your vehicle – like collision, specified perils, comprehensive and all perils coverages. In general, these coverages are very similar across Canada.

One caveat: if you only use your seasonal and/or off-road vehicle on private property, you are not required by the government to have third-party liability coverage.

It’s also important to note that in addition to mandatory coverage, each province/territory sets specific requirements for seasonal vehicles, such as:

  • Minimum driver age

  • Insurance and registration

  • Helmet use

  • Highway crossing

  • Private property use exemptions

As you can gather, each situation and policy is unique. I always recommend discussing your seasonal and off-road vehicles with your insurance rep. directly and asking as many questions as possible. They are on your side and can help provide you with the best information given your personal situation.

For general insurance questions, please feel to contact our team. We’re here to help!

About This Author

Anne Marie Thomas has over 25 years of experience in the insurance industry. She has worked for some of Canada's largest insurance companies and has extensive underwriting and management experience in Personal and Commercial Lines. She was also a licenced personal and commercial insurance broker. Anne Marie has many years of experience as an insurance spokesperson in television, radio, print and social media.