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New polling shows majority of Atlantic Canadians want federal government action on flood insurance

Jan 25, 2024 | NL | NS | NB | PE
New polling shows majority of Atlantic Canadians want federal government action on flood insurance

A new survey of 1,500 Atlantic Canadians, conducted by Pollara Strategic Insights, found that 71% of respondents support the federal government’s introduction of a national flood insurance program.

Insurance Bureau of Canada (IBC) commissioned the survey to gauge interest in a high-risk flood protection insurance solution through a partnership between governments and the property and casualty insurance industry. The results from the survey are clear, with the majority of Atlantic Canadians calling for the federal government to act on flood protection.

The program would protect Canadians from flood risk with little or no additional cost to governments, as homeowners at high risk would be able to purchase affordable flood coverage rather than receive limited, unpredictable and taxpayer-funded disaster financial assistance. As demonstrated with similar programs in the U.K., U.S. and France, this approach to flood recovery is more cost-effective and addresses the financial and emotional toll of disasters on Canadians.

“After recent catastrophic events such as Hurricane Fiona in 2022, flooding has devastated communities across Atlantic Canada. Yet the residents at greatest risk continue to be unable to obtain affordable flood insurance,” said Craig Stewart, Vice-President, Climate Change and Federal Issues, IBC. “IBC understands why so many Atlantic Canadians support the National Flood Insurance Program. They need the federal government to move forward with this cost-effective solution and announce details of the program in the 2024 Federal Budget. By getting the National Flood Insurance Program up and running, the federal government can help protect those at greatest risk.”

At a glance, the survey found:

  • 59% of Atlantic Canadians believe the federal government must do more to protect Canadians from flooding

  • 43% of Atlantic Canadians disapprove of the federal government’s efforts to prepare Canadians for natural disasters

  • 76% of Atlantic Canadians believe flood protection should be a priority for the federal government.

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“The federal government has the opportunity to do something no other Canadian government has done – to create Canada’s first National Flood Insurance Program and protect the 1.5 million households across the country at highest risk. Canadians are asking for this program and deserve affordable flood insurance. The program’s implementation is the single most important step the government can take today to better protect homeowners from the financial risks of climate change,” said Stewart.

Flooding is Canada’s greatest climate threat and puts millions of people at risk each year. The federal government committed to a national flood insurance program in last year’s federal budget. However, progress on the program has stalled, leaving too many Canadians vulnerable to the financially devastating consequences of flooding.

By funding the National Flood Insurance Program, the federal government can help protect those at greatest risk of flooding. The solution is available, and insurers are ready to set up, scale and deliver a cost-neutral program for affordable flood insurance.

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